Replere(R) by Dr. Debbie Palmer

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About Dr. Debbie Palmer

Dr. Debbie Palmer is a Board-Certified Dermatologist and one of the country’s leading experts in the field of antioxidants—and how they can improve the health and appearance of the skin. Widely respected for her expertise, Dr. Palmer has had her work published in leading medical journals and regularly gives lectures nationally and internationally about the benefits of antioxidants. She also frequently gives lectures and skin cancer screenings for many community-based programs, as well as for major corporations.

“If you do not fight the most potent form of aging—free radicals—with antioxidants, you will be missing out on your full beauty potential.” 
— Dr. Debbie Palmer

Dr. Palmer is a leading proponent of the standardization of antioxidants in skincare through a measurement system called ORAC—or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. Typically used when discussing the antioxidant levels in food, ORAC had not been routinely applied as a measurement of the antioxidant levels in skincare products before Dr. Palmer.

“Right now, people hear that a product has antioxidants in it and they think it’s good for their skin. But the truth is, some antioxidants are more potent, and hence more effective, then others—and that needs to be made clear to patients and consumers.” — Dr. Debbie Palmer

Dr. Palmer is one of only several hundred dermatologists in the country also trained in osteopathic medicine—a holistic philosophy and approach that relates each part of the body to the entire system. After earning her Bachelor’s degree on scholarship from the University of Michigan, Dr. Palmer earned her medical degree summa cum laude from Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience where she was elected to Psi Sigma Alpha, the national medical honors society. She was also the recipient of the Janet H. Glasgow Memorial Achievement Award, given to female medical students who graduate in the top 10 percent of their class. Dr. Palmer completed her residency in dermatology at St. Barnabas Hospital in Bronx, New York, where she was Co-Chief Resident, elected National Resident Liaison, and given the Excellence in Dermatology Award for performing number one in the country on her training exam.

“You cannot—and should not—treat a problem the skin is experiencing without looking at the condition of the entire body.” — Dr. Debbie Palmer

Dr. Palmer is the Medical Director of a busy private practice, Dermatology Associates of New York, in Harrison, New York—the largest in Westchester. She specializes in medical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, and laser surgery. She is the founder and creator of Replere®, a natural, antioxidant-based skincare line. Dr. Palmers is also the co-author of The Dermatologists’ Prescription for a New You! Dr. Palmer currently resides in Connecticut with her husband and two young children. She is a fellow and active member of the American Academy of Dermatology, American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, and the American Osteopathic Association.

Fast Facts

Apply an antioxidant under a moisturizer before bed every night to repair damage from the day. (Don't forget your neck, chest, shoulders, and the backs of your hands all of which are exposed to the sun on a daily basis.) If you're using Retin-A, you should apply the antioxidant first, then the Retin-A and lastly, a moisturizer. And, since many sunscreens don't have antioxidants in them, you should always apply an antioxidant under sunscreen before you go out in the sun.

If you have drier skin, it is important to remember to layer a moisturizer over your Replere rejuvenating products for extra moisture needs.

Dr. Debbie Palmer debuts Replere on QVC

Visit the QVC website to watch Dr. Debbie Palmer present the Replere Collection on QVC! Explore the entire Replere Collection here at our store. (Click the video tab on QVC's website to view the clip.)