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April 2013 Faves

April 2013 Faves
By Dr. Debbie Palmer 7 years ago No comments

April can be such a tease. It gets warm, then it snows (hellllloooo Denver). We begin to see the burst of blooms, only to have it dip down to 30 degrees at night (ouch, poor flowers!). So while we may want to rush to summer, let's just stop, appreciate "spring" for what it is this year, and take a moment to reflect. In that spirit, here are a few of our favorite posts and projects from the past few weeks:

  • REPLERE founder, Dr. Debbie Palmer, is one of only a few dermatologists in the country also trained in osteopathic medicine. This is a holistic philosophy and approach that relates each part of the body to the entire system. According to Dr. Palmer: "You cannot—and should not—treat a problem the skin is experiencing without looking at the condition of the entire body." Want to know more about Dr. Palmer's background and philosophy? Click here.
  • A study done by the USDA found that artichokes have more antioxidants than any other vegetable. Some of the powerful antioxidants in artichokes are quercetin, rutin, anthocyanins, cynarin, luteolin, and silymarin. Want to know more about antioxidants? We're pinning about them here.
  • Do you suffer from dark circles around your eyes? One solution: apply Replere Lighten & Firm Eye Serum, with hyaluronic acid and olive oil and the antioxidants Coffea arabica extract, pine bark, goji and açai berries, grapeseed, pomegranate, green tea, and vitamins A, C, & E. Whew! That's a lot of potent ingredients!
  • Mother's Day is fast approaching and we've got a DEAL JUST FOR YOU....Have you gotten any of the moms in your life a gift? Try the gift of glow -- yes, glow! Try our Replere Essentials: Dr. Palmer's three key product picks for new Replere users. Hurry...we're offering 15% off any Replere purchase through 4/12. Enter promo code MOM13 at checkout.
  • Last but certainly not least....Did you miss Dr. Debbie Palmer's debut on QVC? Then hurry on back to our Home Page, where we posted the entire segment via our brand newYouTube Channel (!), featuring QVC Sprouts "Fan Favorite" Replere Deep Clean & Clarify Face Wash.

We are looking forward to May and all of the beauty it has to bring: from bright flowers to new fresh, organic fruits & veggies to a bit warmer weather. But remember, don't forget your SPF (rain, shine or clouds!).