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The 8 Habits of Happy People

Happiness brings a natural radiance and beauty to your face that can't be mimicked by skin creams or treatments, says New York Dermatologist Dr. Debbie Palmer. To get this truly natural beauty, try these habits that happy people put into practice every day.

Simple Eating Strategies for Better Health

Five simple strategies from Dr. Debbie Palmer that will help you eat healthier starting today.

The Health Benefits of Social Connections

Dr. Debbie Palmer shares the latest research linking health to strong face-to-face social connections.

Making Exercise Fit into Your Busy Life

No time for exercise? How to find time with these helpful strategies from Dr. Debbie Palmer.

5 Ways to Find Inner Peace this Holiday Season

Feeling stressed? Try these simple tips, from Dr. Debbie Palmer, on how to be more at peace.

Eat to Beat Breast Cancer

Eating the right foods—detailed here—can help prevent breast cancer. These are the foods you should be incorporating into your diet whenever possible.

Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation

Vacation time—or just simply taking time off from the daily grind—is absolutely essential to mental and physical wellbeing.