Dr. Debbie Palmer’s Healthy Skin Tips: January 2013

Healthy Skin Tip #1: Pay attention to your skin and what it needs—don't just use a particular product because that's what you've always been using. Your skin changes every day, every week, every season, so this month toss products that aren't giving the results you need!

Healthy Skin Tip #2: Take green coffee extract for healthier skin—and faster weight loss. Green coffee was found in a recent study to help people lose body fat faster, says REPLERE founder Dr. Debbie Palmer. Super rich in antioxidants, green coffee can also slow down premature skin aging. Find green coffee inREPLERE Restore & Fortify Beauty Shooters.

Healthy Skin Tip #3: Always rinse off after the hot tub. Sure, hot tubs are great après ski, but the chlorine is high in them, which can really dry out your skin. Be sure to always rinse off after sitting in a hot tub. Then, apply a moisturizer.

Healthy Skin Tip #4: Protect your skin. Harsh winds, sun (particularly if you're skiing at high altitude), and cold weather can make skin dry, rough, and chapped. Layer an antioxidant (like REPLERE Protect & Rejuvenate Day Lotion) under a moisturizing sunscreen every day you're outdoors.

Healthy Skin Tip #5: Avoid alcohol. Check the labels of your skin-care products and set aside any that list alcohol as an ingredient. "It's commonly found in cleansers and toners and can really dry out your skin," says REPLERE founder Dr. Debbie Palmer, who made it a point to not include alcohol in any REPLEREproducts (which are good for all skin types, including sensitive skin).