Study Data

See the improvement in appearance of facial wrinkles, firmness, hyperpigmentation, blotchy redness and clarity after use of Replere skincare products.


A 12 week, double-blinded, randomized, controlled clinical usage study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and tolerance of Replere, a phenolic antioxidant skin care system, to reduce the appearance of photoaging. It is because of the high Total ORACsc score of Replere that interest for this study developed to investigate the link between the use of potent, multi-ingredient, antioxidant products and the clinical reduction of the signs of photoaging.


A total of 40 female participants were randomly assigned to apply the test regimen or control regimen for 12 weeks. One group washed with Replere Deep Clean & Clarify Face Wash twice daily, applied Replere Protect & Rejuvenate Day Lotion each morning and Replere Repair & Replenish Night Crème and Replere Renew & Firm Eye Serum each evening. The second group washed with a control facial wash twice daily and applied a control moisturizer each morning and evening. Clinical evaluations for efficacy were made by a board certified dermatologist at baseline and after 6 and 12 weeks of product use. Efficacy was also measured by subjects' self-assessments and via photography and instrumentation.

Proven Results

In a 12-week, double-blinded, randomized and controlled clinical study, participants using Replere showed an improvement in firmness, clarity, tactile roughness, hyperpigmentation, blotchy redness, fine lines and wrinkles and overall brightness of their skin.

of participants reported that their skin felt softer.
of participants reported that the products were mild and did not irritate their skin.
of participants reported improvement in brightness, glow and radiance.
of participants reported healthier skin.
of participants reported improvement of wrinkles in the eye area.
of participants reported more even skin tone.

Replere Formulas Contain
Over 70% Antioxidants

Our unique antioxidant products use a patented laboratory process and airless packaging to maintain the potency of the combined ingredients.

Why Antioxidants Work

Body cells are stable when their molecules have a full set of electrons. When these cells lose an electron (e.g. due to pollution, sunlight, or cigarette smoke), they become unstable atoms called free radicals. Free radicals destroy collagen, elastin and DNA prematurely aging the skin. Antioxidants donate missing electrons to free radicals to return them to a normal, non-damaging, state.

Why Replere Works

Replere is the first skin care line that targets the five major free radicals that damage and age the skin:

1. Peroxyl
2. Hydroxyl
3. Singlet Oxygen
4. Peroxynitrite
5. Superoxide anion