Refresh, Revitalize and Reinvigorate with REPLERE Beauty Shooters

Refresh, Revitalize and Reinvigorate with REPLERE Beauty Shooters

Summer is winding down, and whether we are ready for it or not, Fall is just around the corner! We've been indulging in locally-grown, organic fruits & vegetables available to us all summer long - berries, melons, tomatoes, peppers and more. It's been easier than ever to get our antioxidants every day. But we know that once school starts, our schedules ramp up, and the weather changes, it will get harder and harder to get those nutrients into our diets on a regular basis.

Our solution? REPLERE® BEAUTY SHOOTERS. One quick drink a day provides you with all of your daily recommended antioxidants. Just like that. They contain REPLERE's signature ingredient - Coffea arabicaextract - which provides a re-energizing and revitalizing lift to your morning (or afternoon!). Drink as a "shot" or mix with water or juice. Because they don't require refrigeration, Beauty Shooters are easy to carry in your handbag, gym bag or even diaper bag or keep in your desk at work.

Start your Beauty Shooter routine today and get a jump start on Fall. You'll look and feel so fresh and vibrant, your friends will wonder what you've been up to all summer!


1. Replere® Restore & Fortify Beauty Shooters are 1-ounce daily antioxidant drinks created by dermatologist Dr. Debbie Palmer. They help replace what is lost daily through physical and emotional stress, pollution, sun exposure, and exercise. They also supplement those who don't eat a healthy, balanced diet.

2. The key ingredient in Beauty Shooters is extract of Coffea arabica extract. This is the fruit (or berry) of the coffee plant and is a potent antioxidant. In fact, independent studies list the berry of the coffee plant as one of the top dietary sources of antioxidants.

3. Beauty Shooters is the only ORAC*-rated antioxidant in easy-to-drink liquid form. Dr. Palmer created Beauty Shooters because, as a busy working mom, she wanted a product you could drink, didn't require refrigeration (as most liquid oral antioxidants on the market today do), and could easily be thrown into a purse or bag and drank on the go.

4. Beauty Shooters should be taken daily—with food or on an empty stomach. You can drink it with your daily vitamins since antioxidants complement vitamins and minerals. Beauty Shooters give you a re-vitalizing burst of energy—so drink one in the morning or during the day (particularly before going out in the sun, to prevent the creation of free radicals from ultraviolet light), not in the evening before going to sleep.

5. Beauty Shooters can be used by most people, including cancer patients. Cancer radiation therapy actually causes a spike in free radical production, why antioxidant supplementation is important for the healing process. Dr. Palmer's mother had breast cancer and drinks them daily after having undergone surgery and radiation therapy. Also, in studies, antioxidants have been found to speed wound healing from minor surgery, cuts, and burns.

*REPLERE® is one of only a few skincare brands to use ORAC-rated antioxidants in its products.