Replere February 2013 Fast Facts

Replere February 2013 Fast Facts

Did you know?

  • All REPLERE products are free from chemical preservatives called parabens and are fragrance and dye-free—making them perfect for sensitive skin.
  • A double-blind clinical study showed that, when used with REPLERE Deep Clean & Clarify Face Wash, Protect & Rejuvenate Day Lotion, and Lighten & Firm Eye Serum, the REPLERE Repair & Replenish Night Creme improved skin's firmness, brightness, and clarity in just 6 weeks!
  • Skin look lackluster after months of winter? Exfoliating (getting rid of the dulling dead cells found on the surface of skin) can help you look more radiant—almost instantly. An easy (non-messy) way to do it: swipe clean skin with a cotton pad saturated in REPLERE Pore Minimize & Mattify Skin Tonic, which contains three exfoliating acids.
  • Beauty alert: Sure, it's a big trend to have longer, lusher lashes "sewn on" to your skimpy strands, but keep in mind that the glue used to attach them to the lids can trigger dry skin—and even an allergic reaction, says REPLERE founder Dr. Debbie Palmer.
  • Looking for a healthy snack? Try goji berries (some are covered in dark chocolate); they're super high in antioxidants (why they're found in most REPLERE products). We love Vita Organic Foods' goji minis - raw, organic choclate + immune boosting goji berries.

We can't wait til March! How about you?

-Replere Team