Stress Can Lead to Acne. Replere Provides Solutions.

Stress Can Lead to Acne. Replere Provides Solutions.

September can be a stressful month. For many, September means back to school. For others, it's Fashion Week. For all of us, it means packed schedules, increased work travel, transitioning to fall wardrobes, cleaning out closets, school supply lists (which seem to get longer and longer every year!). The days get shorter, the weather cooler. All of a sudden it takes twice as long to get out the door. The increased stress takes a toll on our skin -- and we're not just talking about fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles!

Stress can lead to increased secretion of stress hormones -- in both adults and kids. And the result? ACNE.

We're here with good news about acne, though. Based on new research, the dermatology community is re-thinking what causes it and how to treat it -- on the inside & on your skin. The secret? Antioxidants, which can be used to treat acne both orally and topically.

Which we think is great news...since antioxidants are our specialty! And since antioxidants are all-natural, healthy, safe and effective, it's a breakthrough method of treatment for acne sufferers of all ages.

So what's new?

Acne vulgaris is a common dermatologic condition. It is characterized by sebum overproduction, follicular hyperkeratinization and inflammation. Over the past year, we have learned that all acne is inflammatory and that patients with acne are under increased skin and systemic oxidative stress from this inflammation. Research has shown that the normal antioxidant defense system becomes overwhelmed in acne patients from this oxidative stress and that antioxidants are consumed at a faster pace, both in the skin and systemically (as seen in lab blood tests). Recent evidence suggests that inflammation might actually precede all of the other steps in what causes acne. As a result, acne sufferers may benefit from treatment with both topical and oral antioxidants to neutralize the inflammation and replace the normal reserves.

Recently, Dr. Palmer introduced the REPLERE® Acne Solutions Kit, after several months of working with her acne-prone patients. Because REPLERE is packed with antioxidants, such as Coffea arabica extract, they are an ideal topical and oral treatment for acne – powerful, all natural and suitable for all skin types.

"My acne patients on both traditional treatments and oral and topical antioxidant treatments are telling me that their acne has never been better. Some have even stopped some of their traditional treatments because they are doing so well. They often tell me that they are addicted to their new antioxidant regimen! I'm pleased that the antioxidant regimen (our new Replere Acne Solutions Kit) is effectively addressing the acne pathway close to the root and in a natural way."

The REPLERE Acne Solutions Kit, $107 (10% off suggested retail price of the three products), comes complete with:

• REPLERE Deep Clean & Clarify Face Wash ($38) contains the powerful antioxidants Coffea arabica extract (berry from the coffee plant), green tea, and vitamins A and E, as well as exfoliating glycolic, salicylic, and azelaic acids. This cleanser not only helps to restore antioxidant levels on the skin (particularly when left on for at least three minutes), but it also exfoliates dead skin cells that can clog pores.

• REPLERE Pore Minimize & Mattify Skin Tonic ($42) a non-drying alcohol-free formula, contains the powerful antioxidants Coffea arabica extract, green tea, grapeseed, and rosemary. It also contains exfoliating glycolic, salicylic, and azelaic acids to cleanse pores and help dissolve oil.

• REPLERE Restore & Fortify Beauty Shooters ($37 for 14, one-ounce single-serve bottles) feed your body—and your skin—from the inside. Each one contains the powerful antioxidants Coffea arabica extract, resveratrol, camu camu (a vitamin C-packed fruit), goji and açai berries, chokeberry, blueberries and pomegranate.

"These products are effective on their own if you have mild acne," says Dr. Debbie Palmer. "If you have more severe acne, these products work well with any doctor-prescribed acne treatments like oral (and topical) antibiotics and Retin-A. In fact, I've seen better results from treatments like this when my patients were also using topical and oral antioxidants."

REPLERE® products are paraben, fragrance, and dye-free, as well as vegan, cruelty-free and BPA free.