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Deep Clean & Clarify

Face Wash

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Combines the most powerful natural exfoliating acids -- glycolic, salicylic, and azelaic acids—with the top age-erasing antioxidants—Coffea arabica (coffee fruit), green tea, and vitamins A & E.

Key Benefits

  • Instantly dissolves dirt, oil, and makeup in pores.
  • Exfoliates dead, dull skin cells -- instantly brightening skin.
  • Good for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Contains no parabens, fragrances, or dyes.


Aqua, Glycerin, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Arginine, Coffea Arabica Seed, Saccharum Officinarum, Citrus Medica Vulgaris Fruit, Pyrus Malus Fruit, Camellia Sinensis Leaf, Vitis Vinifera Seed, Paullinia Cupana Seed, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf, Citrus Grandis Fruit, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate


Wet skin with lukewarm water. Apply one pump amount onto fingertips and gently massage onto entire face, neck, and chest for 30 to 60 seconds. Avoid contact with eyes. Store in a cool, dark place

Customer Reviews

Phenomenal Product Review by Mich77
This face wash is everything it promises to be and much more. I have seen a major improvement in the quality and clarity of my skin over the past two months. I use it every night to take my makeup off coupled with my clarisonic and they are the perfect match. My skin feels refreshed and clean but still soft. I have combination skin and have struggled for years to find a cleanser gentle enough to use everyday and this is it! It is well worth the price as it feels like a cleanser and toner in one. You will not be disappointed! (Posted on 5/9/2016)
Wonderful Face Wash Review by Pluto4
"After using this product my face felt wonderful. The break-outs that I had quickly went away. Thank you Dr. Palmer" (Posted on 4/19/2016)
Amazing Review by I am still oxox
"I have used this off and on for years, and it is great, perfect for my sensitive acenic skin
Dr Palmer has been my dermotolgist for years, I am so happy to see her success on here " (Posted on 2/26/2016)
Wonderful Product Review by Judy 15
" I love this product. It does not leave my face feeling dry and tight. It is easy to use. I love the delivery system. A product in a pump keeps the ingredients fresh and clean. Products in open jars open the product to open air, germs and causes some of the ingredients to "die" and or lose its potency. I look forward to other products in the line. Please use the same type of delivery system.
This product would make a great gift for anyone. Thank you. Judy15 " (Posted on 7/30/2015)
Great Face Wash Review by Featherstone
" I love this product. I received it as a gift and will continue buying it! " (Posted on 7/3/2015)
Thank you! Review by Karen20
"This product is perfect. After one use, I could tell it was a winner. I read in other reviews she has other products - how about adding this line to qvc? Please offer this on auto delivery. " (Posted on 6/11/2015)
Such a Great Product Review by NFP
" I absolutely love this face wash. It's gentle, but also exfoliates and really keeps my face clear. " (Posted on 1/19/2015)
Mother & Daughter Bonding over cleanser?!? Review by LoveTennis
" I have been using the Replere line of products for years. And my skin has never looked better! Believe me, I have tried all the latest and greatest! But this line is one I have actually stuck with! Why? Because it WORKS, is easy to use and smells terrific! (If you have never tried the night cream...you are really missing something special) I LOVE it!
My teenage daughter has even begun to use the face wash. She loves it, too!
Wow, finally something we can agree on :) " (Posted on 9/12/2014)
Face wash Review by Grillo
"I ve been using this face wash for about two months and from the first day, I liked it. It leaves my skin so soft without making it dry. I use it twice a day. I highly recommend it. I am even sharing it with my daughter who is 26. I am 56. Thanks Dr. Palmer! " (Posted on 8/13/2014)
the best face wash ever!! Review by ms rene
"great texture of the soap. not only does it clarify it softens your skin and helps remove blemishes" (Posted on 7/30/2014)
Great product Review by Yadyg
"The best face wash i have ever use is great for sensitive skin for acne and clarifing, it leaves skin so soft and clean my 14 year old daughter use it and she loves it is helping her acne a lot.GREAT face wash CONGRATS DR PALMER FOR ALL YOUR PRODUCTS THEY ARE GREAT best products i have ever use." (Posted on 7/25/2014)
Great purchase Review by RSM88
"Great face wash! Using it along with Epiduo and Diffrin and it all works wonders! " (Posted on 7/13/2014)
Best purchase--new and improved skin Review by HermanGerman
"This face wash along with the Replere toner has done wonders for my skin! The face wash is so soft and really great for sensitive skin. It nicely foams up. my two daughters and I use it, it's helpful for keeping skin acne free and for regular skin care." (Posted on 5/30/2014)
only thing that works Review by raqrock
"Replere is the ONLY facewash that works for me! I have had acne since I was 8 years old. I am 22 now and I have tried just about every product in the past 14 years. Replere is the only wash that has worked 100% effectively and the only wash I truly trust for getting flawless skin!" (Posted on 5/2/2014)
Love this Face Wash! Review by jillnseanmom
"I consider myself a skin care junkie and have tried just about every product out there. My search for the best face wash stops with Replere! One pump is all you need to cleanse your face and neck - not to mention it removes all of your makeup including mascara. My skin does not feel tight and feels facial fresh each time. Also, love the natural ingredients!
My 14 year old daughter and husband both use it too so I saved on shipping and bought one for each bathroom. Major props to Dr. Palmer for creating such a great product! " (Posted on 4/30/2014)
Awesome!! Review by LYDIALYNN
"I've been using the cleanser for about 2 weeks - Face feels so clean, doesn't leave
skin feeling tight - It's really a perfect cleanser!!" (Posted on 4/23/2014)
Dr. Palmer or Dr. AMAZING?? Review by HR-Lexi
"I first must say switching from my old dermatologist to Dr. Debbie Palmer best choice ever!!!! I went into her office with a horrible flare up of acne. I am almost 25 years old and this acne flare up was just not ok!! When doctor Palmer showed me Replere i did think it was just another wash. WAS I WRONG OR WHAT!! with just the first wash my skin actually felt super clean for the first time ever. This was a light foam that got rid of all of my makeup without even a pre- make up wipe first. I am totally in love with this wash. I never want to stop using it even though my acne is gone now. YES I SAID IT. After only 1 month i am totally clear. I trust Dr. Palmer with my skin and tell all my friends, family, and co workers about her amazing, kind wisdom. Thank you Dr. Palmer for making such an amazing product my skin and i can not thank you enough. People don't just by one bottle stock up fast. I know i will!! P. S. My boyfriend is always stealing this item he says it helps his ingrown hairs from shaving. SHHHH he would not want his friends to know but ladies by for your man too!" (Posted on 4/17/2014)
Feels like heaven Review by NurseJackie0128
"Dr. Debbie Palmer has done it again! Her Replere products are amazing and this one in particular leaves me feeling heavenly first thing in the morning! The product is so affordable and lasts for a longer time than other products! With Replere you will feel and see the difference in no time. I love that this is made without parabens and other artificial ingredients. Going natural makes such a difference. Try this product ! You will never go back to your old cleansers. Can't wait to see what Dr. Palmer has up her sleeve next ! " (Posted on 1/28/2014)
Works Great! Review by JMS320
"The Replere wash works perfectly. It's gentle, it really cleans and it leaves your face clean without any oily residue or shine.Dr. Palmer made a good choice recommending the use of this product! " (Posted on 1/20/2014)
Amazing best face/neck cleanser Review by Madge67
"This product is amazing it cleans it tightens and brightens and over time it reduces unwanted spots! " (Posted on 1/9/2014)
Fabulous Product! Review by killington
"This is the "best" product I have ever used for cleaning my face and making me feel great. No soap residue and does not dry my face out. I look forward to seeing more of Dr. Palmer's items offered. Beats all the other commercial products hands down currently on the market! Keep up the good work." (Posted on 12/8/2013)
Fantastic! Review by momzoob
"I can actually say that my skin is clean after using this cleanser. It is quick and rinses completely. There is no residue left after just a few splashes. Has a wonderful scent of citrus. Wish it wasn't so pricey but it is a great face wash! " (Posted on 3/27/2013)
Super Skin Care Review by moviem
"I've been using Replere Face Wash for several years. It leaves my face squeaky clean, with no residue of make-up or
dirt. My skin feels soft and my pores
are tightened, ready for moisturizer
to be applied. " (Posted on 3/13/2013)
Wonderful Cleanser! Review by destinynrs
"I'm so glad I got this before it went on 'Waitlist Only'. As others have said, it is the only thing I've ever tried (and I've tried many, many products, both OTC and prescription) that has controlled my excessive facial oil and cleared up my skin in a matter of days. It took me awhile to get used to the foam delivery system, but it gets my skin clean and does not smell medicinal. I would like to see her other products (a toner, day and night cream, I believe) added to the lineup...maybe even a TSV?? " (Posted on 3/10/2013)
Replere Review by Shepsmom
"This item seems to be working on my skin. Does anyone know if QVC will carry other items in this line? " (Posted on 3/4/2013)
It works! Review by bikegal
"Use every other day, with dramatic results. I'm mid-fifties and to due aging my skin was breaking out, uneven color, oily, and dull, I have tried lots of products. Big changes since using this product. Skin is less oily with few breakouts. I have gotten many compliments on my skin, very impressive face wash. The citrus smell is light and pleasant. The clarity of my skin is so much improved! Try it! " (Posted on 2/27/2013)
the best Review by Bibi031107
"The best cleanser I have ever used. Has made my skin perfect. I keep a backup. " (Posted on 1/16/2013)
Quality product, Give it a Shot! Review by mry111
"I use this to clean my face in the morning and it really helps keep my skin under control. I had pretty bad acne for a while and this really helped clear that up. Its improved my skin tone as well and doesn't feel harsh or make my skin real dry." (Posted on 12/26/2012)
Best cleanser I've ever tried!!!! Review by Redhd653
"Ok, I've had cystic acne since a teen. I've been through all the Acutane, Retinol and other regimens out there. I've tried Proactive and countless other systems to help control oil and breakouts. This is the first cleanser that I've used that actually controls oil output on my face. It's amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone with acne issues. Thank you QVC and Dr. Palmer! " (Posted on 11/29/2012)
Awesome Review by JMC81
"This is such a great face wash. I have a lot of problems with my skin and always react to other fash washs but not this one. Makes my face feeling soft and clean and not dry. I would highly recommend this product." (Posted on 10/11/2012)
Like the smooth skin, scent fruity Review by Anonymous
"I like everything about this product, but it diesn't smell like soap, it smells sort of fruity. I'm getting used to it, however. Definitely leaves my face smooth, even into the next day if you leave it on like the label says before rinsing. " (Posted on 9/23/2012)
My Favorite Wash!! Review by ASR2
"I love this wash and how it makes my skin look and feel! It's gentle and the results are incredible! I also love the smell! " (Posted on 9/21/2012)
LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Review by Anthony Giampaolo
"This product is amazing! It left my skin looking and feeling great! " (Posted on 9/19/2012)
Best Purchase Ever Review by Jenna Giampaolo
"I couldn't be happier with this purchase. I was skeptical to try out a new face wash since my skin is very sensitive but it has done wonders and I couldn't be more thrilled! " (Posted on 9/19/2012)
Replere by dr. Debbie Palmer deep clean & clarify Review by Surfandsand
"I love this face wash! It leaves my face feeling clean and smooth. " (Posted on 8/23/2012)
The Best Product Ever Review by Kimberly Rodriguez
"I have acne on my back and have been struggling for years to get rid of it. I recently started using Replere on my back and I have to say that it has COMPLETELY changed my life. I wash my back at least twice a day with this product and I am 100% satisfied. I have gone an entire summer with absolutely no acne. I am now confident and wear backless shirts in which I would never done before. Dr. Palmer is a GENIUS and I LOVE replere!!. I recommend it to all with any acne issues. " (Posted on 8/22/2012)
My All Time Favorite Wash! Review by SB29
"This is the best wash! My skin takes a beating because I'm on construction sights all day and this wash cuts through the oil and dirt and leaves me feeling clean. It has also helped control my acne outbreaks on my face and back. I like the lemon smell! Thanks! " (Posted on 8/18/2012)
love it! Review by plate ninja
"I have been using for about 3 weeks and WOW I wish I had taken a before pic. I do see a big change! I'm 41 and have had two people ask me what I'm using on my skin...love it! " (Posted on 8/7/2012)
Clean at last! Review by emmalina
" I can't speak to make-up removal, but since i am outside all day most days, I can speak to getting clean, and this wash leaves my skin clean with no residue or tackiness like hand soap can leave behind. I can't sleep well unless my face is clean and I honestly think I sleep better using this right before bed. " (Posted on 8/2/2012)
LOVE LOVE LOVE Review by kmm110379
"When I first received this cleanser I was not happy that it was a foam cleanser but I stuck with it anyway and it turns out I absolutely LOVE this cleanser!!! I've tried them all...expensive department store brands to cheaper pharmacy brands and this has been my favorite. I also love how easily it washes off…it leaves no residue behind. Just a soft, fresh, clean face :) " (Posted on 7/31/2012)
Absolutely Amazing Face Wash Review by Angelaa19
"This product is outstanding! It leaves my face feeling soft and clean. After using the wash for a few days, my skin has a natural glow. I've tried different face washes in the past and this has become my absolute favorite. It was highly recommended by a good friend." (Posted on 7/30/2012)
LOVE!! Review by barbmont
"I love Replere Deep Clean & Clarify Face Wash! It really takes off all my make up and leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. It is excellent to use before I apply my night cremes. My teens use it for their acne wash also. " (Posted on 7/24/2012)
Best Wash Ever! Review by Alfonzo
"Since I started using the wash, my skin feels smoother, my pores look smaller, my sun spots have faded and I have less acne outbreaks! I love this wash! " (Posted on 7/20/2012)
My new favorite product. Review by Sammyry
"Dr. Palmer's face wash is a great product. It gets off all of my makeup and helps to exfoliate the dead skin leaving it feeling extra clean and soft. Since I have been using this product, my makeup goes on much smoother and my complexion has cleared up. I've found that my skin tone is more even. I just love it and recommend it to all! " (Posted on 7/20/2012)
Best Face Wash Review by Cymru16
"Since I started using the wash, my skin feels smoother, my pores look smaller, my sun spots have faded and I have less acne outbreaks! I love this wash! " (Posted on 7/12/2012)

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